Broiled Tomatoes

I adore fresh tomatoes, especially firm, sweet summer tomatoes. Those mealy pink tomatoes that you can buy in winter are just depressing. My favorite way to eat tomatoes, by far, is caprese salad. So simple, yet so fresh and delicious.

When broiling tomatoes, you sacrifice an element of sweetness and freshness, but you gain lots of flavor. Cooking tomatoes really brings out and concentrates their unique taste. Instead of sweet, they become tangy and piquant.

I like to serve broiled tomatoes as a side dish to meat. They’re also very good for brunch, as a side to eggs. Click for the recipe

Pan Fried Salmon Fillets

Salmon fillets are delicious when pan fried in butter and sage. Who needs fast food, when this healthy dish is ready in ten minutes? Click for the recipe

Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

Surprise! At the center of each of these flavorful meatballs hides a cheesy, gooey center. This is a favorite entree in my house which is often requested. I am happy to oblige — these stuffed meatballs are very easy to make. Click for the recipe

Zucchini Gratin

Though in many places zucchini is now available almost year round, there’s nothing quite like zucchini in season. Fresh, firm and almost sweet, these small zucchinis are wonderful. I was surprised to discover, a few years ago, that raw zucchini is actually delicious (try this zucchini salad). Zucchini fries are the ultimate low-carb substitute for potato fries. But gratin has always been and remains one of my favorite ways to prepare zucchini. After all, cheese makes everything taste better.:) Click for the recipe

Pork Stew

An aromatic, hearty pork stew. Very easy to make! Serve in soup bowls, or atop rice or cauliflower rice. Click for the recipe

Watermelon Feta Salad

Nothing says “summer” quite like watermelon feta salad. The combination of sweet, crisp watermelon, rich, salty feta and a tangy dressing is amazing. Serve this fresh, delicious watermelon feta salad as an appetizer, or as a side dish. Click for the recipe

Maple Chicken

Sticky, buttery, and with the perfect combination of savory and sweet, these maple chicken drumsticks are a huge hit whenever I make them. It’s one of the chicken dishes my kids request most often. Click for the recipe