Low Carb Grilled Cheese

This delicious grilled cheese sandwich is made with my super easy, super quick low carb microwave bread. And while admittedly it’s not exactly like real bread (it’s soft and a little eggy), the cheesy, buttery goodness of this warm sandwich definitely hits the spot! Click for the recipe

Lamb Shoulder Chops

Lamb shoulder chops require low, slow cooking, so they’re ideal for your slow cooker. The reward for your patience? Intensely flavorful, delightfully fatty, melt-in-your-mouth meat. Click for the recipe

Spaghetti Squash with Peanut Sauce

Spaghetti squash is magical. While its texture obviously differs than that of real noodles, when mixed with various sauces, it does give one the experience of eating noodles. This spaghetti squash with peanut sauce makes a wonderful addition to any Asian-inspired dish. I often serve it with Asian salmon. Click for the recipe


What’s not to like about meatza? It’s like combining two awesome foods – hamburger and pizza. It’s easy, tasty and low-carb. I like to use pre-formed ground beef patties and make mini meatzas instead of a large one. Click for the recipe

Dark Chocolate Bark

I love making chocolate bark because it’s such an easy dessert to make, but the result is so impressive and pretty. Dark chocolate bark is very healthy, and it makes a tasty dessert or a gorgeous host/hostess gift. Get creative and use any combination of nuts and dried fruit – I like to use dried cranberries because they are so pretty, but raisins work well too. Click for the recipe

Slow Cooker Beef Cheeks

Slow cooking turns tough beef cheeks into a wonderfully melt-in-your-mouth, rich and flavorful dish. Click for the recipe

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Made with just four ingredients, these flourless peanut butter cookies are incredibly good. And unlike flour-based cookies, you’re unlikely to overeat- these peanut butter cookies are very satiating. One or two, eaten slowly and savored, is more than enough. Click for the recipe