Zucchini Salad

OK, this zucchini salad is now officially my favorite way to enjoy zucchini (close second is these baked zucchini fries). Who knew that raw zucchini can taste so good? But when seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and spices and left to soften a little, it’s an amazing, simple, fresh-tasting dish. The perfect summer side dish! Click for the recipe

Pesto Chicken Kabobs

These pesto chicken kabobs make an easy, tasty summertime entree. Pesto and chicken go really well together, and broiling the chicken pieces makes them extra juicy. Click for the recipe

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Nothing says “summer” quite like raspberries, and in this delicious frozen yogurt recipe, the fresh taste of raspberries is combined with the wonderful creaminess of Greek yogurt.

I made several attempts before perfecting this one, and decided that since both the yogurt and the raspberries are fairly tart, this raspberry frozen yogurt requires a fair amount of sweetener. So to keep calories, carbs and my own blood sugar readings in check, I opted to use xylitol in this recipe (here’s why I think xylitol is safe). Go ahead and use a comparable amount of granulated sugar or honey if you prefer – both should work, although nutritional values will change of course. Click for the recipe

No Bake Cheesecake

The main issue with no bake cheesecake recipes is that the cake often never sets enough to actually slice into. So people end up spooning the cake into cups or ramekins and eating it with a spoon. Delicious, no doubt, but presentation-challenged.

One way to make sure a no-bake cheesecake sets is to use gelatin – gelatin is actually very healthy and supports bone, tooth and joint health. However, I could’t use it in this particular recipe because I was making it for vegetarian friends.

So I decided to make my no-bake cheesecake in individual little dessert glasses. My main problem with the result is that IT’S SO GOOD THAT I HAD A HARD TIME STOPPING AT ONE, and this is a very rich dessert – a little goes a long way. Creamy, infused with vanilla and honey, the first few bites have the freshness and slight tang of berries, and the last few bites – the amazing richness of walnuts. So, so good.

One last comment before we get to the recipe: I added raw, unmodified potato starch that acts as a thickener and also adds gut-healthy resistant starch, so highly recommended, but definitely optional. The cake will not be as thick without it, but since you’re going to eat it with a spoon anyway, it doesn’t matter, and the creaminess and deliciousness won’t be affected – potato starch is flavorless. Click for the recipe

pulled chicken

This incredibly flavorful pulled chicken is spicy and tangy, with just a hint of sweetness. It’s amazing on top of shredded cabbage – the combination of the warm, spicy shredded meat and the cool, crunchy cabbage is delightful. Obviously, you could also serve this pulled chicken over rice, or in a bun, but I highly recommend trying shredded cabbage! Click for the recipe

spicy barbecue sauce

This spicy barbecue sauce is delicious. The bonus: it’s free of the yucky additives typically added to store-bought barbecue sauces; it’s free of refined sugar; and it’s relatively low in sugars and carbohydrates. I find that there’s no need to add salt to this barbecue sauce, but do taste it when it’s done and salt to your own taste if you think it needs it. Click for the recipe

Mini Bell Peppers Recipe

A very easy side dish, these broiled mini bell peppers are delicious and fun to eat. Their unique flavor is perfectly complemented by the olive oil and Parmesan. Click for the recipe