Braised Short Ribs

At Costco the other day, I saw these gorgeous, well-marbled, prime grade boneless chuck short ribs:

Raw Short Ribs

Of course I had to buy them! But when it was time to cook them, there was no way I was going to brown them first, make a complicated sauce, check on them every 30 minutes… I wanted to just put them in the oven and forget about it.

So I was grateful to find this easy recipe on the Food Network. Obviously, I wasn’t going to use the sweet sauce (my blood sugar went up just reading the recipe!), but I really liked it otherwise. So I made my own, non-sweet marinade, baked the ribs slowly, and was rewarded, three hours later, with very flavorful, tender, low carb short ribs. Click for the recipe

Pizza Stuffed Bell Peppers

These pizza-stuffed bell peppers are just the thing when you crave pizza but prefer to avoid grains, carbs and excess calories. I love having them for lunch! Click for the recipe

Beef Kabobs

While I wouldn’t dream of turning a fatty, juicy ribeye steak into kabobs, I find that top sirloin is a bit on the lean side for my taste, so when it’s on sale and I do buy it, I like to turn it into well-seasoned beef kabobs. Click for the recipe

Bacon Cheese Crackers

With just three ingredients, these low-carb bacon cheese crackers are ready in 2 minutes and provide flavor and crunch without wheat, gluten, or unnecessary carbs. Click for the recipe

Roasted Radishes

I love the sharp, peppery taste of fresh radishes, but I also love them roasted. Roasting downplays their sharpness and brings out a pleasant creaminess. When roasted, radishes taste mild, so if you prefer bolder flavors, play with adding seasonings (garlic powder, dried herbs) or sprinkle them with Parmesan cheese prior to roasting. Click for the recipe

Low Carb Grilled Cheese

This delicious grilled cheese sandwich is made with my super easy, super quick low carb microwave bread. And while admittedly it’s not exactly like real bread (it’s soft and a little eggy), the cheesy, buttery goodness of this warm sandwich definitely hits the spot! Click for the recipe

Lamb Shoulder Chops

Lamb shoulder chops require low, slow cooking, so they’re ideal for your slow cooker. The reward for your patience? Intensely flavorful, delightfully fatty, melt-in-your-mouth meat. Click for the recipe