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cauliflower pizza crust

The ingredients are simple: Cauliflower, eggs, spices, and pizza toppings.  Tip: Pat the crust very thin. Then bake it until it's deep golden brown.

Process the cauliflower


Process the cauliflower into rice in the food processor. 

Spread on a pizza pan


Mix the riced cauliflower with eggs and spices. Spread it on a pizza pan.

Temperature and Yeast


03    Bake the crust

Bake the crust until browned and set. 

Add pizza toppings


Add your favorite pizza toppings. Don't add too many!

Cut into slices


Cut the pizza into eight slices.

06   It's ready!

This pizza is so good and astonishingly similar to the real thing. 


Vered DeLeeuw

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