”Healthy Recipes” was born out of necessity. Back in 2010, my husband was diagnosed with high blood sugar, so we HAD to change the way we were eating by adding more veggies, fruit, proteins and healthy fats to our diet, and drastically reducing our consumption of sugar, white flour and processed foods.

A few years later, his blood sugar is consistently in the normal range, and the blog has evolved from a private family cookbook into a public blog that tries to answer one of today’s most urgent questions:

How do we wean ourselves off the highly processed food-like products that have taken over our supermarkets, and go back to eating as nature has intended – simple, healthy, home-cooked meals?

I’m Vered DeLeeuw, a blogger, a foodie and a mom. I’m excited that you’re here! Please check out my FAQ section for a more detailed explanation of my food philosophy. If you need to ask me a question, submit a testimonial or inquire about sponsored posts and advertising, please email HealthyRecipesBlog [at] gmail [dot] com or use the form below. Bon Appétit!

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