vered deleeuw Back in 2010, during a routine checkup, we found out that my husband’s blood sugar levels were elevated. He was only slightly overweight, but he carried the excess weight around his abdomen – the kind of fat that’s linked not just to heart disease, but also to insulin resistance, elevated blood sugar, and – eventually – diabetes.

Shedding a few pounds and exercising had improved the situation somewhat, but not enough. So we started reading on the subject, and the more we read, the more we became convinced that we needed to fundamentally change the way we were eating by adding more veggies, fruit, proteins and healthy fats to our diet, and drastically reducing our consumption of sugar, white flour and processed foods.

We still expect our food to be delicious, and I still love cooking. When searching for recipes to make, I have become accustomed to tweaking recipes so that they work with our new lifestyle. I started writing down and taking photos of my healthified recipes, and posting them on a private blog for our family’s use, when a family member who liked what she saw asked me one day, “Why not turn this into a public blog? I’m sure lots of people would find it useful.” That’s how Healthy Recipes was born.

At the start of my healthy cooking journey, I based my diet on whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit, olive oil, low fat dairy, lean meats and fish. More recently (starting in 2013), after much reading on the subject, I am leaning towards a lowish-carb diet (around 100 grams of carbs per day) and mostly avoiding grains. I simply feel better on this diet – good, steady energy; clear mind; and no hypoglycemic episodes. This is also the diet that finally brought my husband’s blood sugar levels back to normal. You can read more about my definition of healthy cooking and clean eating in my FAQ section.

I’m Vered DeLeeuw, a blogger, a foodie and a mom. I’m excited that you’re here! If you need to contact me, please email vered (at) momgrind (dot) com or use the form below. Bon Appétit!

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