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I tried your recipe for Moussaka, and this is one of my all time favorite low carb dishes. I gave the recipe to a co-worker who doesn’t eat low carb, and she likes it so much she made it twice in one week. I just took mine out of the oven. Thanks for the great recipe.

I never leave comments or post reviews, but felt I just had to tell you how impressed I am with your Coconut Flour Pizza Crust recipe. It is absolutely delicious and holds up so well. I recently switched to a LCFH diet and have been struggling with how to replace my bread-based carbs. In a fit of desperation, I tried this recipe today. Absolutely love it.

I just want to say thank you for your simple but great recipe for baked chicken. I’ve been struggling to find ways to cook chicken so it turns out tender. The last attempt I made was when I used a curious little recipe for parboiling that seemed to have worked great for some of the readers, but not so much for me. However, I tried out your method of baking the chicken for a short time at high heat and I was quite please with the results! The meat was juicy, tender, and flavorful. It was also incredibly easy to do and required very little of my time. So thank you again! I’ll definitely be following this method again in the future.

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your cookbook! I was looking for a dinner recipe last night and came across your site and am in love with it! I love all the variety of healthy, simple and delicious recipes. I wanted to make so many things at one time, but I would’ve been at the grocery store forever so I’m pacing myself. I ended up making the mushroom lasagna and it was SO flavorful and awesome! I normally don’t cook with yogurt, but after this recipe I’m definitely going to use it more because it’s healthy and the taste is great. I also made the pumpkin cupcakes and those were a moist, delicious treat! Thank you again for getting us foodies excited about great recipes to make for our families!

Your recipes are wonderful. I just started using many of them. My favorites so far are the oatmeal pancakes and the spicy pulled chicken. Thank you for sharing these recipes!

Hi, Vered! I stumbled onto your site some time ago and have since tried a couple of your recipes with success! Your Lemon Garlic Baked Cod and Creamy Cauliflower Soup recipes worked out well for me. I recently tried out your recipe for Butter and Parmesan Shirataki Noodles and it pleasantly surprised me as I had only previously eaten shirataki noodles reluctantly because of the texture. I would love to see more recipes that use shirataki noodles, if that’s not too much to ask :). Thanks again, and keep it up!

Found your recipe for baked chicken breasts via google. I often buy chicken breasts because they are readily available and inexpensive in my area. But I’ve always struggled with how to cook them without them turning out rubbery or dry (or both). This recipe was a home run. First time I tried I had juicy, tender baked chicken that was nicely spiced. Thank you for a true revelation to a newbie cook.

One word: YUM!!! This was my first time baking chicken on my own and what an easy AND delicious recipe! This will be my go-to recipe whenever I want to bake chicken. So glad I found your baked salmon recipe to try next. Thank you for your awesome blog- it makes eating healthy easy and fun!

I’ve just recently begun a lifestyle of healthy eating and have found many great blogs, and yours is definitely a new favorite. Thanks for taking the time to address questions like these. I appreciate your flexibility and that you don’t subscribe to the confines people really want to put healthy food into (paleo, vegan, whole30, etc). I really like your outlook and I can’t wait to read more.

I have been meaning to make your Butter Chicken Recipe for a while now. I finally got round to making it over the weekend. All i can say is I would happily make this once a week, what a fantastic and easy recipe. Thank you!

I made your cheesy spaghetti squash casserole and it was delicious. I hate to get allrecipes on you but I added chicken, spinach and mushrooms because I needed something really hearty to take to work. The base (your recipe) is excellent. I will use it again and again!

Hooray! Your chicken breast recipe is the best. I have always cooked them at 350 and they are always dry and quite frankly, I would NOT eat them. I made your recipe and they are perfect! Now I love chicken breasts. Thank you for this recipe and keep up the great work!

I have recently come across your blog and just want to say thank you for sharing your recipes (which are also beautifully photographed). I’ve made a few things now which have all turned out well, and tonight I made the butter chicken for my daughters (5 and 7 and quite fussy eaters) which they both loved. You have given my repertoire of meals a much needed boost.

I would like to start off by saying thank you for this site! I find it so hard to find SIMPLE & HEALTHY recipes for the working couple. I’m not that person who always thinks of dinner first thing in day and breakfast and lunch.. haha don’t even ask. So when I found this site I was like YESSSS easy and stuff I usually have on hand. The recipes are also easy to tailor (or already small) for families like mine (It’s just me my Husband and my puppy). Once again Thanks!

You’re the best! Thanks for sharing your recipes and tips. I’m a hardcore foodie and have always found it hard to diet so your blog was god-sent! Your recipes are very easy to follow (I just started cooking) and are always a hit with my family and friends. LOVE this website- I read through all your recipes already and I can’t wait to try out a lot of them!!

I found your website looking for a crustless quiche recipe. It is the only recipe I use now. My husband always complains I never use the same recipe because I am always looking for better ones. Not any more! I love your recipes. I have made so many of your dishes. You are Amazing with a capital A. Thank you so very much.

Just like Yvonne, I found your website looking for a crustless quiche recipe. I was drawn in deeper by your gluten free recipes. Now, I am eager for more dishes to try. Thank you very much.

You are my hero! I absolutely love, love, love your blog. I have struggled with an eating disorder for most of my life. I have been trying desperately to convert my unhealthy obsession with food into a healthy enthusiastic relationship with it. I love to cook and bake, and found at an early age that I have quite a natural knack for it. I have tried all sorts of mimicky, diety, sugar-free, fat free types of food to control my weight, and had finally realized through a lot of research, that those types of foods with all of their unnatural ingredients are terrible for you. I then opted to only put ‘real’ food into my body. I was so ecstatic to run into your blog. It is jam packed full of exactly the kind of recipes I love. Real food, but really healthy. Thank you so much for blessing the internet, and myself with your lovely recipes. I am truly grateful for finding this blog and I just thought I’d let you know.

I just wanted to thank you for your web site and recipes. I looked thru all your recipes and plan on making some of them. I too will have to do a few tweaks on them like changing yogurt to kefir, take out any pork and switch it to seasoned ground beef or turkey, find a substitute for flour. I have been on a low oxalate diet and allergic to a lot of foods and dont have much of a choice for food right now. Your recipes have been sent from heaven to me! I have no imagination in the kitchen, but your recipes do! Hopefully I can make mine as nice as you have made yours! Love your web site too. Nice and clean! Thanks again for your web site and sharing your recipes.. You have made my husband very happy. Hopefully no more “sautĂ©ed hamburger meat and peas” for dinner!

Love the Honey Baked Chicken recipe. It’s healthy and it’s pretty damned tasty. Juicy and flavorful every time I’ve made it. My husband requests this more than anything else I make. I use honey dijon mustard instead of regular dijon, but it’s yummy either way.

Thank you so much for these recipes! I’ve been trying to find decent vegetarian stuff so I can learn to cook properly. My partner and I are moving in together and have agreed that whoever is home first cooks; however he’s a chef so I want to be able to cook really good food so there’s not too obvious a difference between our standards of dishes… Your recipes have made this a lot easier so thank you!

Just wanted to tell you that I really love your blog, recipes, pictures, philosophy on what is healthy and not (I agree), and thank you for sharing! I have made a few of your recipes so far, and I love the pumpkin brownies, what an amazing recipe! I used King Arthur white whole wheat flour, and I love their Double Dutch Dark cocoa. Never thought I would find healthy brownies. And we are pumpkin addicts, so you can never make us tired of that! Thanks so much!

I found your baked donuts recipe a few weeks ago and it was a hit! When I made it again tonight, it made me wonder, “Who is this cook and blogger?” and I have spent some time on your blog, subscribed, etc. What great ideas!! Your ideas on healthy eating are similar to mine, it seems, so I’m looking forward to trying more of your great recipes for my 3 boys, my dh, and myself. Thanks for putting it out here.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog and the hard work and effort you put into it. I came across your blog just this morning via Babble’s Kitchen – your whole wheat dark chocolate muffins recipe and fell in love with your site, truly a wonderful boost to healthy eating/baking. (Without too much of odd ingredients, hehe). Thanks so much again and keep up the good work.

I love your recipes for two reasons: I am on WW to lose 5 lbs, but more importantly, I want to eat healthy foods, not unhealthy WW foods.

I love this website! Seriously, I made your baked latkes (substituted half sweet-potatoes, you should try it some time!) and it was fantastic. Haven’t tried any of the other recipes yet, but wow, they all look amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your blog, I found so many great recipes! I think I could probably live off eating the eggs baked in avocado, absolutely delicious!

I am so happy to have found your blog – thank you for sharing your recipes. I’ve been trying them one after the other!

Love your recipes Vered both for the ease of preparing them and the fact that they are very health-conscious. Thanks for your excellent work!

Roasted Okra…made this tonight and my kids loved them! Roasting them makes the slime go away and they taste like fried okra!