shortbread cookies

These whole wheat shortbread cookies are buttery, golden and sweet. As the granddaughter of a Dutch grandma, I can’t help but love baked goods made with butter. There’s something incredibly satisfying about rich, buttery baked goods, and in terms of health, butter is far superior to margarine and to highly processed vegetable oils. The wonderful flavor and texture imparted by it allow us to use a relatively small amount of sugar, while still producing delicious cookies. Click for the recipe

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, made with whole-wheat flour. I like my oatmeal cookies chewy, so I remove them from the oven when slightly under-baked and cool on the baking sheet instead of on a wire rack. Click for the recipe

Coconut Macaroons

I remember that Passover, years ago, as if it was yesterday. I was maybe ten, visiting my grandparents on Passover eve. My grandparents were Dutch, and their manners were impeccable. My younger brother and I were always under a lot of pressure to “behave” whenever we visited them. Sometimes we managed, sometimes – not so much.

On that bright spring day, in the early eighties, it was actually time for lunch and I was hungry. My father promised lunch at home – we were just stopping for half an hour to say hello. So we sat there, in that European living room, decorated with beautiful antique wooden furniture. Grandma, oma, served good, strong Dutch coffee and cookies.

Oh, those cookies.

They were coconut macaroons, made kosher for Passover with no flour, just coconut, sugar and eggs. But they were nothing like the store-bought macaroons that I was familiar with. These were round and fat and deep golden brown. They were fragrant and chewy and they tasted so good, and I was so hungry, that I found myself reaching for one more cookie, then another, and then another.

My father looked embarrassed and sheepishly explained that we had not had our lunch yet. Grandma smiled, but she was obviously horrified at my lack of manners. Me? Delirious with coconuty sugar, I didn’t care. I was happy.

I don’t have grandma’s recipe for those coconut macaroons. But the version below is pretty close, even though it’s healthified. Let’s just say that once again, I found myself eating way more of those than I had planned. Click for the recipe

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

These soft, buttery, vanilla-scented chocolate chip cookies are made with whole-wheat flour. They are absolutely delicious! Click for the recipe