Buffalo Chicken

In this delicious buffalo chicken recipe, juicy chicken drumsticks are coated in a flavorful, spicy mixture of butter and hot sauce. Serve with extra napkins! Click for the recipe

Coconut Clusters

The idea for these delicious coconut clusters comes from a recipe I used to make in the past, before lowering my carb intake became a priority. These chocolate corn flakes clusters are amazing in their simplicity, and I wanted to make something similar without using corn flakes. The answer: use large, unsweetened coconut flakes and mix those in the melted chocolate to form pretty, sweet clusters. Using unsweetened coconut and 70% chocolate make this dessert not just tasty and decadent, but also very healthy. Click for the recipe

Almond Flour Pizza Crust

Almond flour pizza crust is delicious. It’s nothing like regular crust, of course, but the almond flour, egg and seasonings bake into a crisp, flavorful crust that’s very good on its own, even without any toppings. I add the yeast for flavor only – it won’t make the gluten-free dough rise, but it adds a hint of a yeasty flavor which is very nice. Click for the recipe

Tuna Patties

These tuna patties are excellent as a quick, easy weeknight dinner. I prefer to use water-packed tuna and add a tablespoon of olive oil to the mixture – this prevents dry patties, but gives me more control over how much oil I use plus makes sure I use a healthy oil – supermarket tuna in oil is often packed in yucky soybean oil. In addition, some of the oil-packed tuna’s natural omega 3 fatty acids leach into the added oil and are lost when you drain the tuna. But since oil and water don’t mix, water-packed tuna won’t lose its omega-3 fat when drained. Click for the recipe

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

These homemade peanut butter cups are amazing. Intensely chocolaty, smooth and creamy, they also boast a clean ingredients list (compare with the ingredients for commercial peanut butter cups in the notes below).

Don’t expect homemade peanut butter cups to taste like the commercial ones – they taste different, but in a good way. They are richer, more satisfying, and one is absolutely enough – the first time I made them we each had two, and agreed that it was too much.

If you’re primal/paleo and object to the use of peanut butter, I’m confident that natural almond butter would work well in this recipe. Click for the recipe

Asian Salmon

This delicious Asian salmon requires no marinating. Simply broil, brush with an asian-inspired glaze and serve. The flavors are spectacular!

It all started when I wanted to use up not just the salmon I had in the fridge (duh), but also scallions. “Ha! Asian salmon!” I thought, but all the recipes I found said to marinate the salmon for at least 2 hours, then bake in the marinade, basting occasionally. Since it was already 6pm, I hardly had time to marinate, so decided to just brush the salmon with olive oil, broil it (a matter of 6 minutes), thickening the marinade into a glaze in the meantime, then brush it with the glaze. It turned out amazing, and even though my personal favorite is still my blackened salmon, I think this comes in at a close second, and really, it depends on your mood and on what flavor experiecne you’re lookig for on a particular night.

A comment on thickening the glaze: I use konjac flour, a powerful fiber-based thickener. It’s zero-carb and flavor-neutral, but you can definitely use cornstarch instead – a teaspoon of cornstarch should be comparable to 1/8 teaspoon of konjac flour, though nutrition info will change slightly. Click for the recipe

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

What’s not to like about bacon wrapped meatloaf? Well-seasoned ground beef, wrapped in bacon and baked into hot, juicy perfection. I’m in! But these mini little bacon wrapped meatloaves are even better – they are delicious, cute, portable, and can be held with your hands if you so wish. They make a great appetizer or snack, and a delicious entree. Click for the recipe