Cheesy Garlic Bread

This delicious cheesy garlic bread is gluten free. I make it with almond flour, and add a little yeast to the dough, not to make the dough rise but for flavor. The slightly yeasty flavor makes this tender cheesy garlic bread very similar to yeast bread. Cheesy, garlicky and buttery, the only thing not to like about this cheesy garlic bread is that it’s calorie-dense (like all baked goods made with almond flour). However, it’s also very filling – a little goes a long way. Click for the recipe

Almond Flour Pancakes

These tasty almond flour pancakes are fluffy and tender. I don’t add any sweetener to the batter, because I serve them with maple syrup, which makes them plenty sweet enough. The blueberries are optional, and wonderful. Click for the recipe

Bacon wrapped chicken breast

Bacon wrapped chicken breast elevates this humble dish into a whole new level. The bacon adds a delightfully smoky flavor, and also keeps the chicken breast extra juicy. The honey-mustard sauce finishes the dish, creating a delicacy out of the simplest of ingredients. Click for the recipe

Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Guacamole deviled eggs make a fun, delicious twist on the classic appetizer. I don’t mind using prepared guacamole in this recipe – it saves time and makes my life easier. Guacamole is actually one of the few packaged items that tend to have a clean ingredients list. Click for the recipe

Chocolate Chip Cake

This gluten free chocolate chip bread is amazing. Its texture is light and spongy, and you get melted, sweet chocolate chips in every bite. The best part? It’s made with almond butter, eggs and dark chocolate – wholesome, healthy and delicious! Click for the recipe

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

This easy recipe for Parmesan crusted chicken is also gluten free. Simply coat with spiced mustard and almond meal, then bake until crisp and golden. Click for the recipe

Carrots for Dessert!

Who would have thought? Just carrots, coconut oil and cinnamon – and you’ve got yourself a delicious, wholesome, super-healthy dessert. Granted, it’s not as sweet as sugary junk, but it’s really, really good. And if you find that these carrots are not sweet enough for dessert, they make a wonderful side dish. Click for the recipe