Intensely flavorful, filling, and satisfying combinations of vegetables, eggs, dairy and whole grains.

grilled broccolini

The more I grill vegetables, the more I realize how much I love them grilled. Not that there’s anything wrong with steamed veggies, especially when topped with a little butter… but there’s something really good about the caramelizing effect that grilling has, and these grilled broccolini were excellent. The red pepper flakes add just a subtle kick that goes nicely with the almost-sweet flavor of the caramelized tops. Yum.
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steamed spinach

I love my sautéed spinach – it’s very flavorful – but my kids actually prefer this simple preparation of gently steaming the spinach, then buttering it.
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broccoli fritters

What a fun way to eat broccoli! These baked broccoli fritters work as a tasty snack, as a healthy lunch, or as a vegetarian dinner when served with a salad. I make them with almond meal, to keep the carbs down and keep them gluten-free, but you can use breadcrumbs instead. The serving size listed is for a snack – double it if you plan to serve these broccoli fritters as a main dish.
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grilled okra

I can’t believe I have found a way to prepare okra that’s even better than my delicious roasted okra! This grilled okra is just as good as roasted okra, but is ready much faster, because you don’t have to heat an oven. It’s ridiculously easy to make, too.
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eggs baked in avocado

Eggs baked in avocado – another one of those recipes that I kept seeing on Pinterest until I decided I just had to give it a try. It’s good: the baked avocado is extra creamy, and the combination of avocado, eggs and salsa is a classic one, of course. Great for breakfast, or as a vegetarian dinner, accompanied by a tossed salad.
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asparagus salad

The idea of serving asparagus in a salad had never occurred to me, until I was served a delicious asparagus salad at a dinner party. I never got around to asking the hostess for the recipe, but this is my humble attempt at recreating it. It’s very good, and a great dish for entertaining, because you can make it in advance.
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deviled eggs

I remember the first time I tasted deviled eggs. I was a kid, and I loved hardboiled eggs, but the taste of deviled eggs took me by surprise. Sure, they were hardboiled eggs, but they were incredibly creamy and flavorful – this was a delicacy. Just like tasting butter at my grandparents’ house after being accustomed to margarine at my parents’ house, or tasting canned salmon after being used to canned tuna, this was one of those “once you try, you can’t go back”-type experiences.

To this day, deviled eggs is one of my favorite appetizers, and this spicy version is especially nice. As always, I prefer to use sour cream instead of mayonnaise – sour cream, especially organic, has a clean, short list of ingredients while mayonnaise tends to contain unhealthy vegetable oils, additives and preservatives.
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