The vegan recipes in this blog are in memory of Wesley Bronez.

Sauteed Sugar Snap Peas

I love how easy it is to make sauteed sugar snap peas, and how delicious this simple dish is. I’m too lazy to wash and trim the peas, so I usually buy them pre-washed, pre-trimmed and ready to eat, which truly makes this a 10-minute dish. Click for the recipe

Roasted Potatoes and Onions

Roasted potatoes are obviously delicious. But add sliced onions, allowing them to slowly caramelize as they roast, and you’ve elevated those roasted potatoes into a whole new level of deliciousness! Click for the recipe

Quick Pickles

Quick pickles are ready in a few hours – rather than a few weeks. They are crisp and flavorful, a wonderful addition to any entree. It’s fun to experiment with different types of vegetables, vinegars and spices. Click for the recipe

Date Balls

They’re date balls, filled with wholesome goodness, but they taste like a decadent dessert – sweet, rich and chocolaty. I think they actually taste, and give the mouthfeel, of eating chocolate cookie dough!

While definitely healthy in terms of what goes into them, these date balls are more of a dessert than a snack, to be savored slowly and enjoyed only once in a while, since they are very high in sugar and carbs because, well, medjool dates are naturally high in sugar and carbs.  Click for the recipe

Chocolate Banana Pudding

This chocolate banana pudding was a happy accident. I wasn’t planning on making pudding – I wanted to make the chocolate version of my one-ingredient banana ice cream, but the bananas were only partially frozen, and I ended up with a delicious, creamy pudding. Since then, I tried making this pudding without freezing the bananas, but the texture is not as good – it’s heavier and more watery. So I do recommend partially freezing the bananas for this recipe. Click for the recipe

Fried Bananas

These fried bananas are sweet, creamy and decadent. There’s absolutely no need for added sugar or honey – bananas, virgin coconut oil and cinnamon are all naturally sweet. Click for the recipe

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Ripe bananas and cocoa powder are all you need to make your own clean, healthy, Paleo and vegan chocolate banana ice cream. The flavor and texture are incredible! Click for the recipe