The vegan recipes in this blog are in memory of Wesley Bronez.

roasted artichoke

I love food that must be eaten slowly, deliberately. I love lobsters, whole fish, and artichokes. I dislike food that you tend to gobble up fast, like fast-food burgers and most sandwiches. But I like artichokes not just because it takes 20 minutes or so to eat one – I also love their intense, unique flavor and the way you slowly build your way from the outer, tougher leaves, through the inner, delicate, tasty leaves, all the way to the yummy heart. Plus, artichokes are good for you – they’re high in fiber, potassium, vitamin C and magnesium.

This simple recipe for roasted artichokes takes some time, but in every other respect, it’s very easy. And the result is a tender, tasty artichoke, flavored with olive oil, lemon and garlic – a true delicacy.
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sauteed broccolini

Most recipes for sautéed broccolini will tell you to blanch the broccolini first (cook briefly in salted water, then quickly rinse in cold water or dip in ice water). But I like to sauté the broccolini first, until browned and crisp, then add a bit of water to the hot pan, cover and briefly steam, just until the stems are crisp-tender.
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microwave sweet potatoes

It’s no wonder sweet potatoes have become the darling of the nutrition-conscious Paleo community. They’re high in carbs, but they are very nutritious. A smallish, 7-ounce sweet potato contains 940mg of potassium, 800% of your daily vitamin A requirement, 65% of vitamin C, half your Manganese requirement and a third of vitamin B6. Sweet potatoes are also incredibly delicious, and can be “baked” in the microwave with incredible results.
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microwave spaghetti squash

It’s easy enough to cook spaghetti squash in the oven; it’s ridiculously easy to cook it in the microwave! So easy in fact, and the results are quite comparable, that more often than not, when cooking spaghetti squash, I choose the microwave.
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grilled broccolini

The more I grill vegetables, the more I realize how much I love them grilled. Not that there’s anything wrong with steamed veggies, especially when topped with a little butter… but there’s something really good about the caramelizing effect that grilling has, and these grilled broccolini were excellent. The red pepper flakes add just a subtle kick that goes nicely with the almost-sweet flavor of the caramelized tops. Yum.
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grilled okra

I can’t believe I have found a way to prepare okra that’s even better than my delicious roasted okra! This grilled okra is just as good as roasted okra, but is ready much faster, because you don’t have to heat an oven. It’s ridiculously easy to make, too.
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asparagus salad

The idea of serving asparagus in a salad had never occurred to me, until I was served a delicious asparagus salad at a dinner party. I never got around to asking the hostess for the recipe, but this is my humble attempt at recreating it. It’s very good, and a great dish for entertaining, because you can make it in advance.
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