Primal and Paleo Recipes

My Primal and Paleo recipes focus on animal protein (including fermented dairy), vegetables, good fats and good carbs (such as root vegetables and fruit), while avoiding grains, beans, legumes and refined sugar.

Hamburger Casserole

A delicious, cheesy hamburger casserole – a classic comfort food! I owe this very flavorful hamburger casserole recipe to Alix. Alix wrote, a few weeks ago, “I’m a big fan of you and your blog. I’m a university student who “went health nerd” a couple of years ago and frequently use your recipes. I recognize a lot of healthified childhood staples here. One “staple” I’m always looking for a healthier version of is a particular casserole I loved growing up. I guess you could call it a “hamburger casserole” – ground beef, pasta, pasta sauce, mozzarella, gravy … you know, all the food groups. I was wondering if you had a healthy version of this or a similar dish you could share. Would love to give it a try.”

Alix’s hamburger casserole sounded delicious, so I was happy to make a healthier version. I simply omitted the pasta, browned the ground beef and onions, added pizza sauce and cheese, and baked. This hamburger casserole is saucy, so definitely serve it on top of something – tonight I served it over plain shirataki noodles (make sure you rinse, boil and dry them in a hot skillet first), but cauliflower rice should work well too. Click for the recipe

Paleo Chocolate Donuts

These chocolate donuts boast a clean list of ingredients and a wonderful, deeply chocolaty flavor. The starch comes from plantain, and while you CAN faintly taste it, especially when trying these without the glaze, the glazed donuts are rich, chocolaty and delicious. As in, it’s very difficult to stop at one!

As always when it comes to clean baked goods, do not compare these donuts to “real” cake donuts. They are not as sweet, but they are also not as junky. No grains, no trans fats, no oxidized seed oils, no white sugar, no artificial colors and flavors, no preservatives. Click for the recipe

Steak Fajitas

Intensely flavorful and spicy but not too hot, these steak fajitas are ready fast. I’ve got nothing against marinating the meat before cooking, but if you forget to marinate, like I did today, worry not – simply season the beef and the vegetables well, saute them quickly, and these steak fajitas will turn out just as delicious and flavorful as fajitas made with marinated steak. Click for the recipe

No Bake Chocolate Pie

Too hot to bake? This no-bake chocolate pie is the perfect solution. The combination of the hazelnut crust and the intensely chocolaty filling is divine, and while this dessert is calorie-dense, it is also nutritionally dense, containing 10% of your daily vitamin A, phosphorus, magnesium and thiamine requirements; 20% of vitamin E and copper; and 75% of your daily manganese needs. Click for the recipe

Cucumber Salad

Cucumber salad is one of summer’s little pleasures, much like cold watermelon, fresh raspberries and chilled soups. It’s the simplest salad, really – cucumber and onion slices are mixed with a simple dressing of sour cream, vinegar and salt, and allowed to macerate in the fridge for a few hours. The result is incredible – tasty, refreshing, and the perfect side to grilled meats and seafood. Click for the recipe

yellow squash fritters

These yellow squash fritters make a nice, tasty alternative to hash browns or potato pancakes. Lacking the starch in potatoes, they are flimsy and delicate, so take great care when flipping them and when removing from the skillet onto a serving plate. I fry these squash fritters in butter, but if you prefer, there’s no reason not to use olive oil instead. Click for the recipe

Mango Frozen Yogurt

This mango frozen yogurt reminds me of the wonderful soft-serve mango ice cream you can get at Indian restaurants. It’s smooth, creamy, just-sweet-enough, and very refreshing. No ice cream maker needed – just make sure you stir it every 30 minutes before it freezes completely, to prevent ice crystals from forming and to ensure a smooth, creamy consistency.

I haven’t tried making this mango frozen yogurt with frozen mangoes, so I don’t know how well that would work. I’ve always used a fresh, very ripe mango.  Click for the recipe