Meat & Poultry Recipes

No-butter chicken, baked chicken taquitos and grilled bison burgers are just a few of the delicious, healthy recipes you will find in this section.

Korean Ground Beef

Based on my Korean beef recipe, this Korean ground beef is even better. I think it’s the way the sauce mixes better into ground beef. It’s just as easy, ready in 20 minutes, and wonderful over rice, cauliflower rice, or (if you don’t mind the coconut flavor) in a Paleo Wrap. Click for the recipe

Turkey Chili

What to do with leftover turkey? Lots of ideas here: leftover turkey recipes. Today I made turkey chili – a thick, aromatic stew of leftover turkey, onions, tomatoes and spices. Click for the recipe

Beef Jerky Recipe: Paleo and Gluten Free

Beef jerky is one of my favorite snacks, but it’s very difficult to find commercial beef jerky that isn’t made with soy sauce and sugar. Most beef jerkies contain quite a few carbs per serving, in addition to an insanely high amount of sodium. This homemade beef jerky is not only tastier than commercial versions, it’s also made with no soy sauce and no sugar.

It’s a very simple, easy beef jerky recipe that doesn’t even require marinating the beef prior to drying it in the oven. It’s so good, I now make it once a week for our family of four, and it doesn’t even last an entire week. The only drawback to this homemade beef jerky: it should be kept in the fridge (although placing it in a ziploc bag and carrying around for an hour or two before you eat it is probably fine). Click for the recipe

Stuffed Pumpkin

These adorable little stuffed pumpkins are so delicious! They make the perfect fall entree. Serve these stuffed pumpkins with some tossed greens for an easy dinner that you can make in advance and keep in a warm oven for an hour or so before serving. They also reheat nicely in the microwave. To eat, use your fork to scoop out some pumpkin flesh with some of the filling in each bite. Click for the recipe

Chinese Spare Ribs

These delicious Asian-style spare ribs are slowly cooked in a slow oven, lovingly basted with an Asian-style marinade, until they reach tender, caramelized, sticky perfection. Click for the recipe

Asian Meatballs

I love the flavor of these Asian meatballs. The meatballs themselves are delicious. The Asian-style glaze is delightful – sticky, just a little sweet, and very flavorful. Serve these Asian meatballs over rice, cauliflower rice, or spaghetti squash. Click for the recipe

Oxtail Stew

Oxtail (literally,the tail of an ox cut into pieces) is rich in glucosamine, glycine, marrow and collagen. These nutrients help form bone cells, connective tissue and collagen, which makes oxtail stew a great choice for joint and bone health.

Oxtail meat is tough and bony, but slow cooking it allows the meat to become very tender and the fat to soften and melt. I get oxtail at my local Whole Foods, it’s readily available in the meat department. It’s also available online. If you like slow-cooked, rich and aromatic beef stews, I think you will love oxtail stew. Click for the recipe