Meat & Poultry Recipes

No-butter chicken, baked chicken taquitos and grilled bison burgers are just a few of the delicious, healthy recipes you will find in this section.

skirt steak

As much as I enjoy my pan-fried London broil, I have to admit that I enjoy even more the fattier cut of skirt steak. Skirt steak is very flavorful, and it’s easier to cook – it doesn’t dry out as fast, so you can cook it to medium if you’re so inclined, rather than medium-rare.
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hungarian goulash

Tender chunks of beef, simmered for hours in a rich, paprika-infused sauce, filling the house with the intoxicating aroma of comfort food. On a cold winter night, there’s nothing better than a hot plate of flavorful beef stew!
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pot roast

Flavorful, slow-cooked, tender beef, smothered with thick, rich gravy. It doesn’t get any more comfort-food than that! I usually make this recipe with beef chuck roast, but it also works well with rib eye roast. Strangely, the exact same cooking time also applies for larger roasts – I’ve made the same recipe with 2, 3 or 4 pounds of roast, always cooking on low for 8 hours, and regardless of the size of the roast, it turns out perfect. If you do have a larger roast, just use more salt and pepper and sear for a little longer.

To quickly thicken the sauce, allow it to boil and then sprinkle a tablespoon of flour and keep whisking until it thickens. If you prefer to avoid flour, keep the cooked roast warm and reduce the sauce by boiling, as outlined below.
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leftover turkey curry

Still looking for non-boring ways to use up leftover turkey? Try this delicious, very flavorful turkey curry!
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leftover turkey stir fry

I love the way leftover turkey forces me to be creative. Back when I didn’t mind bread, it was easy – turkey salad on bread, quesadillas, paninis, enchiladas and pizza were the obvious solution. Now that I’m trying to minimize bread and grains, things have become more challenging – and more interesting.

This delicious stir fry coats the leftover turkey with a very welcome Chinese-style sauce. With the addition of sauteed onions, garlic, ginger and vegetables, the turkey is transformed into a completely new, very tasty dish. And it’s ready fast, especially if you use frozen, pre-chopped vegetables.
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no bean chili

Some say that real chili is made without beans, some say it’s made with beans:
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meatballs in tomato sauce

When I made these meatballs for the first time, my family immediately declared them as “your best meatballs ever!” and demanded that I only make these from now on. The secret? Adding a bit of sour cream and Parmesan to the mix, avoiding breadcrumbs, and handling the meatballs lightly so that they remain light and don’t turn out too dense. The sauce is excellent too, although the younger one said that it was a bit too spicy for her, so depending on your personal preferences in terms of heat, you might consider using just 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper.
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