Gluten Free

Even if you’re not allergic to gluten, you could have a gluten intolerance. Large quantities of gluten are likely very hard on most of us. These gluten free recipes were carefully crafted to ensure taste and texture are not sacrificed when removing gluten, especially from baked goods.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Dinner doesn’t get any easier than slow cooker pulled pork. Quickly mix the barbecue sauce, pour over the pork, set and forget. Eight hours later, come home to a tender, flavorful, perfectly cooked entree! To serve, I skip the bun and serve this slow cooker pulled pork over cooked rice, cauliflower rice or mashed cauliflower. Click for the recipe

Breakfast Stuffed Bell Peppers

It’s the perfect low carb brunch – sausage and eggs baked inside bell peppers. Delicious and very pretty! I usually use ground pork and spices, but you can make this even easier by using store-bought, clean-ingredients sausage. Click for the recipe

Low Carb Nachos

In this delicious low carb nachos recipe, pork rinds replace the tortilla chips. I usually serve this as a main course for four. If you serve it as an appetizer, it will easily feed six. Click for the recipe

Carrot Soufflé

I’m always looking for ways to make veggies more palatable and interesting for my kids, and this carrot soufflé is my newest discovery. While carrots are generally not too objectionable, this carrot soufflé does take them to a whole new level in terms of flavor and presentation. Click for the recipe

Country Style Ribs

The other day I was looking for pork belly at Costco, but alas, they were out. So I looked around the pork refrigerator, and settled on “boneless pork shoulder country-style ribs,” which looked like gorgeous slabs of meat, with beautiful fat marbling throughout.

At home, I researched how to cook them, and came up with the following method, a combination of several of the recipes I found. We really enjoyed these country style ribs. They’re meaty and tender, and the fat, oh the glorious fat, melts into them as they slowly cook, then crisps up beautifully under the broiler.

Since this is such a fatty cut of meat, a little goes a long way – 8 oz cooked ribs per person is plenty. As for sides, simply serve these ribs with a tossed salad or some plain steamed veggies. They are so rich and fatty and satisfying, there’s really no need for anything else. Click for the recipe

Bunless Burger

When you get used to eating low carb, you no longer “need” bread to hold your burgers or hot dogs. I used to love bread, but now I consider bread as an unnecessary filler. I’d much rather have an extra beef patty, than have just one patty sandwiched in bread. The bonus: steady blood sugar and effortless weight maintenance.

When I eat burgers, I usually just put them on a plate and use a knife and a fork. This bunless burger “sandwich” is another way to enjoy meat, cheese and veggie layers without bread. It’s admittedly more fun than using a knife and a fork, and it is always a hit with kids, who find the “meat bun” funny – and fun. Click for the recipe

Chocolate Whipped Cream

A quick and easy recipe for a not-too-sweet chocolate whipped cream. Great with fresh berries, or as frosting for cakes and cupcakes. The food processor makes excellent, thick whipped cream – no elbow grease required – but since it’s so efficient, keep an eye on it and try to avoid over-whipping. Click for the recipe