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grilled broccolini

The more I grill vegetables, the more I realize how much I love them grilled. Not that there’s anything wrong with steamed veggies, especially when topped with a little butter. But there’s something really good about the caramelizing effect that grilling has, and these grilled broccolini were excellent. The red pepper flakes add just a subtle kick that goes nicely with the almost-sweet flavor of the caramelized tops. Yum. Click for the recipe

Cauliflower Steak

I love cauliflower steak! Imagine delicious, well-seasoned, creamy roasted cauliflower. Now imagine it in the form of thick, steak-like slabs. Extra satisfying! Click for the recipe

Pickled Red Onions

Pickled red onions are very easy to make. They are wonderful when paired with just about any meat dish you can think of. Most pickled red onion recipes call for adding sugar – some for lots of it, some just a teaspoon. I’m trying to eliminate sugar as much as possible these days, so did not use any sugar, and we all loved the result. Click for the recipe

curried cauliflower

Cauliflower sauteed in fragrant, garlic-and-spices-infused olive oil. Simple and delicious. Click for the recipe

sauteed spinach

In this sauteed spinach recipe, fresh spinach leaves are quickly sautéed in garlic-infused olive oil, then dressed with butter and lemon juice. It’s a simple preparation that elevates spinach into a delicacy. Click for the recipe

microwave cauliflower

Microwave cauliflower is a trick I’ve learned from one of jeffrey steingarten’s books – a whole head of cauliflower can be wrapped in plastic wrap and microwaved. The result is a perfectly cooked, tender-yet-crisp cauliflower, with much less effort (and dishes to clean) than boiling or steaming. Steamed cauliflower is so delicious and buttery, I like to season it simply, with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Click for the recipe

Garlic Mushrooms

Firm, small button mushrooms are sauteed in a simple, delicious sauce of olive oil, garlic and lemon. Garlic mushrooms make a tasty side dish, and if you eat bread, the sauce practically begs for some crusty bread! Click for the recipe