Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Primal/Paleo

Gluten Free Bread

This homemade gluten free bread is made with almond flour. It’s soft, fragrant, and makes a great canvas for sweet or savory toppings.

When making homemade gluten free bread, it is important however to adjust our expectations. The yeasty aroma and gluten-induced fluffiness that we love about traditional bread cannot be achieved without, well, yeast and gluten, so this is more of a quick bread that fills the need (if you still have it) to make a sandwich or to have a slice of bread for breakfast.

For this purpose, this gluten-free bread works very well, and since it’s low in carbs and relatively high in fat, it will fill you up better and will spare you the blood sugar roller coaster normally associated with flour bread.

gluten-free-bread1a Click for the recipe

Homemade mayo

Homemade mayo tastes much better than commercial mayo. It’s fresh, delicious, and does not contain any weird ingredients or preservatives. When you make mayo at home, you can use olive oil instead of unhealthy industrial seed oils. On the flip side, homemade mayo does not keep for more than a few days, so you should only make it in small batches. It’s a hassle, yes – but once in a while I make it, and I’m always amazed by how great it tastes. Use light olive oil rather than extra-virgin for a neutral flavor. Click for the recipe