Dessert, Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Primal/Paleo

Chocolate Covered Oranges

Easy and pretty, chocolate covered oranges are a favorite dessert in our house. If you make them with dark chocolate, they are also very healthy. Click for the recipe

Coconut Haystacks

It’s really easy to make coconut haystacks at home, and if you use dark chocolate and unsweetened coconut, it’s a very healthy treat, too! Click for the recipe

Chocolate Chip Cake

This gluten free chocolate chip bread is amazing. Its texture is light and spongy, and you get melted, sweet chocolate chips in every bite. The best part? It’s made with almond butter, eggs and dark chocolate – wholesome, healthy and delicious! Click for the recipe

Coconut Clusters

The idea for these delicious coconut clusters comes from a recipe I used to make in the past, before lowering my carb intake became a priority. These chocolate corn flakes clusters are amazing in their simplicity, and I wanted to make something similar without using corn flakes. The answer: use large, unsweetened coconut flakes and mix those in the melted chocolate to form pretty, sweet clusters. Using unsweetened coconut and 70% chocolate make this dessert not just tasty and decadent, but also very healthy. Click for the recipe

chocolate mint leaves

Chocolate mint leaves make an incredibly unique, fresh-tasting dessert. This is mostly for grownups – the kids tend to be less appreciative of the natural mint flavor and texture. Click for the recipe

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you make chocolate covered strawberries with dark chocolate, it’s as healthy as a dessert can get, and it’s also relatively low-calorie. Chocolate covered strawberries are not just a beautiful Valentine’s Day tradition- they make an easy, healthy dessert all year long. Click for the recipe