Appetizer, Vegetarian

Vegetarian Empanadas

I love my baked emapanads, and feel justified serving them because hey, at least they’re not fried! But I was curious to see if it was possible to make baked vegetarian empanadas that taste just as good.

Of course it’s possible! These vegetarian empanadas are at least as good as baked beef empanadas, and two of us actually thought they were better. When you’re done making the filling, taste a little and you’ll see why – the filling is fantastic. And when you envelope a savory, tasty filling in a buttery, flaky crust, how can you possibly go wrong? Click for the recipe

Chinese Dim Sum

The best dim sum I’ve ever eaten were steamed, cabbage-filled dim sum that my husband and I had purchased from a street vendor in the Summer Palace in Beijing. The dim sum were hot, wrapped in a plastic bag, and as my husband and I took our first bite, the soft dough and the savory filling were so delicious, we quickly reached for more. But after having just two, we became worried about possibly getting sick – after all, this was China of 1997 and our delicate Western stomachs were possibly not equipped to deal with Chinese street food. So we threw out the rest of them. To this day, we mourn that steaming bag of dumplings, and tell each other we should have eaten them all.

Now I make dim sum at home, and while Chinese dim sum are not the easiest to make, the result – fresh and delicious and with no weird ingredients – is well worth it. Click for the recipe