Appetizer, Seafood, Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Primal/Paleo

gluten free crab cakes

These delicious, crispy gluten free crab cakes don’t contain any breadcrumbs. Instead of the traditionally used breadcrumbs, I used almond flour. The result is just as crisp and tasty as “regular” crab cakes.

As always when using crab meat in recipes, the fresher the crab meat you use, the better the dish will taste. Fresh crabmeat is delicate and sweet, but the supermarket lump crabmeat that comes in small plastic containers tends to be quite fishy. If you don’t want to steam your own crabs (who does?), and you have Whole Foods in your area, try the crabmeat sold at their seafood counter. It’s the best I’ve found, so far.

It’s very important to chill the crab cakes for at least an hour prior to frying them – they are very delicate and could easily fall apart if not chilled first. Click for the recipe